Overall Enrolment Drops at Chinook Schools

Overall Enrolment Drops at Chinook Schools Education GULL LAKE SouthWest Saskatchewan  Chinook School Division

The Chinook School Division reported an overall enrolment decrease of 98 students from last year, in their official enrolment numbers presented at this week’s board meeting.

“It’s the first year in about three or four years where we’ve actually seen a decrease,” said Liam Choo-Foo, Director of Education for Chinook. “We’re going to have to monitor this and see if it’s a blip or if it’s the beginning of a trend.”

Choo-Foo says they did not see a large increase in students at their schools in Swift Current this year as they had in past years, and saw varying trends at their rural schools.

“Gull Lake increased by nine students, and Shaunavon Public is up by four,” he added. “Maple Creek is losing students, but when we’ve researched into it, it’s been families that are moving away for various reasons that don’t seem to be community-specific reasons.”

Including homeschooling students, there is a total of 6027 students at Chinook.

Looking ahead to the opening of Swift Current’s Ecole Centennial School and the expansion of Fairview School next year, Choo-Foo says they are staying with their projections of 400 students for Centennial and 300 for Fairview.

He adds they are conducting a review of their core schools in Swift Current, and there will be public consultations at Ashley Park, Central and Irwin schools on October 28th, 29th and 30th.

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