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Enrolment up at Gull Lake School

By Craig Baird

If there was ever an indication that Gull Lake was growing, it comes from the fact that the enrolment has increased at Gull Lake School.

According to Chantie Champigny Lucyk, principal of Gull Lake School, the school ended in June 2013 with 293 children and now has 301, with three more arriving later this month.

With enrolment up, many are seeing it as a positive indicator of more families.

“Most definitely this is a good indication that Gull Lake is indeed seeing some positive growth. The school is not the only institution that is seeing some positive numbers. The Kreative Kidz Early Learning Centre is also seeing positive enrolment,” Mayor Blake Campbell said. “One only has to look around town and look at the houses that now sit on what were vacant lots up until a few years ago. Not to mention the new homes that have been going up on the new Centennial Subdivision.”

With a growing enrolment at the school, Gull Lake may become more attractive to builders and developers.

“One important indicator is whether or not the community is growing, and an increase in the school population is certainly a positive indicator of growth,” Campbell said.

Most of Saskatchewan is seeing a lot of growth, as well as an increase in the workforce. As long as this trend continues, Mayor Campbell expects the town to grow as well.

“As long as the provincial economy continues to grow, and the job market continues to see positive growth, I believe this trend will continue. However, it will take some effort on our part to market and promote our community as a good place to live and do business,” Campbell said.

Now that new students are arriving in the school, there is a need to move some things around to accommodate them.

“We are used to classes of 15 to 20 students, which is small. Now we have nine grades with more than 20 students,” Champigny Lucyk said. “It is really just moving in more desks and it means we don’t have a lot of empty rooms throughout the day.”

Principal Champigny Lucyk also feels that due to the proximity to Swift Current, Gull Lake is in a good position to grow.

“Gull Lake is community to Swift Current, with cheaper houses,” she said. “GLS is a beautiful facility and I believe it is a great place to go to school.”

Article Compliments of The Gull Lake Advance

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Enrolment up at Gull Lake School Economic Development Education GULL LAKE SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan

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