Cypress Health Region Safety Expo

Cypress Health Region Safety Expo Health & Wellness SouthWest Saskatchewan  Cypress Health Region

The Cypress health Region has declared this week as Health and Safety Week at a recent board meeting, and to help spread awareness a Safety Expo will be taking place at the Cypress Regional Hospital.

The expo will feature exhibits that promote safety in health care, topics for the public, patients and staff as well as hands-on demonstrations and learning opportunities.

“Its an opportunity for staff and public to come to the hospital and tour through all of the various booths and displays, and have the opportunity to talk to our staff about patient and staff safety issues.” Said Beth Vachon from the Cypress Health Region.

For those of you who still need to get immunized against influenza, flu shots will be available.

“It gives the people that we provide services to an understanding of the kinds of things we do to ensure safety.” Said Vachon, “we often talk about our values. Our number one value is safety and I think this starts to put it into perspective for people… Its ensuring that every service is a safe service to the patient but also that we are doing everything we can to have zero workplace injuries at the Cypress Health Region.”

The Safety Expo kicks off at 1 o’clock PM this afternoon.

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