Faster Internet Access For Schools Across Saskatchewan

Sasktel Office 2

The teachers have spoken and they are not impressed with the internet access in schools across Saskatchewan.
Premier Brad Wall has announced that SaskTel will be investing more than $5 million into upgrading CommunityNet to improve internet in schools.

“This will improve the bandwidth that our schools have across the province. The Premier toured schools during the summer and met with teachers and the complaint that they had was that in high usage periods the speed of the internet connection dropped off significantly,” said Don Morgan, Minister of Education and MLA for Saskatoon Southeast.

CommunityNet is a wide-area network delivered by SaskTel that connects the government, health and education sectors in the province.

“We need to ensure that Sasktel gets some significant recognition for the commitment and investment that they are making. Sasktel is a Crown Corporation, but they are accountable and this is something we’re expecting them to do, but at the same time we are making sure the school division is recognizing their contribution,” said Morgan.

School divisions will experience significant improvements in speed that will make their web based work much faster. This will be taking place all within the next six months.

via Local News

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