Province Appoints Student First Advisors

Province Appoints Student First Advisors Education Government  Saskatchewan Government of Saskatchewan

The Government of Saskatchewan has appointed two advisors to lead consultations to ask students teachers, parents and the broader education sector how to improve the education system by putting students first.

“We have heard from teachers and parents that we could do a better job of listening to their ideas and concerns, and that is why we are going to engage in some deep listening over the next few months.” Education Minister Don Morgan said, when he made the announcement in Saskatoon at St. Marguerite School. “We want to see what is working well, what’s not working well, and what would make students’ experiences even better. What we will hear will then inform the priorities for the development of the education system plan.”

Russ Mirasty and Patricia Prowse will be leading the consultations. Ms. Prowse has been an educator for over 30 years and is a superintendent with Saskatoon Public Schools. She has expertise and experience in First Nations, Inuit and Metis education. Mr. Mirasty is the recently retired RCMP  Assistant Commissioner. Mr. Mirasty was also the first person of First Nations ancestry to lead an RCMP division.

“The most important role that we’ll play will be to listen.” Added Prowse, “Then we will have the opportunity to take what we hear from the various consultations and bring it back to the Minister for his consideration.”

Mirasty says that he has always had an appreciation for the importance of the education system, and an appreciation for those who are not always successful in regards to their education.

“I have always appreciated the importance of the education system and how it contributes to the success of individuals, and more broadly, communities,” He said. “I also appreciate that not everyone has achieved success within the education system and have often wondered why. I am very pleased to have been asked to be a co-advisor for Student First and look forward to engaging with students, parents and teachers across the province, as this is a great opportunity to hear from those who have been participants in the education system.”

“I’m absolutely delighted to have an opportunity to visit various parts of the province and to see the centres of excellence that we know are there and to bring that information back to the ministry.” Prowse added.

Regional advisory groups are also being made. Each group will include a student, teacher, parent and sector representative. These groups will support the work of the Student First Advisors and will begin working with the Student First Advisors immediately to help coordinate the consultation process, while the advisors gather feedback from the public.

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