Scotty Being Showcased at Australian Museum

Scotty Being Showcased at Australian Museum SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Royal Saskatchewan Museum

The Skeleton of Scotty the T. rex installed at the T. rex Discovery Centre in Eastend this spring (Photo: Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport)

Scotty the T. rex has made a trip down under.

An exact replica of Eastend’s most famous prehistoric resident is now on display at the Australian Museum in Sydney, as part of an exhibit showcasing the Tyrannosaur family.

“From what I’ve learned, it looks like a pretty exciting exhibit, and it’s great to have Scotty to have a featured part of it,” said Harold Bryant, Director of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.

The skeleton on display at the Australian Museum is a copy of the one that was unveiled at Eastend’s T. rex Discovery Centre this spring, but in a different pose.

Bryant says the exhibit will continue until July, and afterwards, parts of the replica will be toured throughout Australia and New Zealand.

“Some people down under are going to be able to learn a little bit about Saskatchewan and our fossil history, and I think that’s great,” he added.

Scotty was first discovered in the Frenchman River Valley near Eastend in 1991, and is still one of the most complete T. rex skeletons ever found in the world.

Video of Scotty’s Skeleton being installed at the Australian Museum:


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