The province has a new agreement with emergency room (ER) physicians that will help support ongoing recruitment and retention efforts. ER physicians ratified the three-year deal this week.
The agreement underscores the government’s commitment to meeting patients’ need for more physicians.
“We highly value our emergency department physicians, and we are very pleased that they have voted in support of a new contract offer from the province,” Health Minister Dustin Duncan said. “Saskatchewan is working hard to attract and retain health providers, including these specialized physicians who are in high demand across the country.”
The agreement will apply to about 95 ER physicians across the province. It is retroactive to April 2013 and effective until March 31, 2016.
“We are pleased that an agreement has been reached for emergency doctors,” Saskatchewan Medical Association President Dr. Clare Kozroski said. “This agreement will provide a foundation to move forward and help address many of the recruitment and retention challenges we have recently experienced with emergency doctors in Saskatchewan.”
The overall number of physicians practising in the province has increased by about 300 between March 2007 and March 2013. ER physicians are in high demand not only in Saskatchewan but across Canada. The new agreement reflects ongoing challenges recruiting in this area; it provides Saskatchewan’s ER physicians with one of the most competitive compensation rates in Canada.
To address the continuing need for ER physicians, health system partners are also focusing on actions such as immediate recruitment and elimination of recruitment barriers. Since 2007, Saskatchewan has increased the number of graduates per year for family medicine/emergency medicine physicians from two to eight. In addition, in 2010 the province began training two Royal College (specialist) physicians per year, the first graduates of this five-year program will be in 2015.
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