PISA Shows Great Improvement in Saskatchewan Schools

PISA Shows Great Improvement in Saskatchewan Schools Education SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Chinook School Division

Saskatchewan students appear to be improving in key subjects like math, science and reading..

The Ministry of Education released the latest results of the International Student Assessment, which compares 15 year old students in 65 different countries.

In Saskatchewan, 86 schools took part.

The assessment shows Saskatchewan students now rank fourth in Canada in science, up from seventh back in 2009. Fifth in math, up from sixth; and sixth in reading, up from seventh.

“We’re into our math momentum initiative, and we’ve seem some promising results there certainly our balanced literacy has now been involved for 5 years and so we would expect our students to have done well in those areas,” said Liam Choo-Foo Director of Education for the Chinook School Division.

The Holy Trinity Catholic School Division also took part and Director of Education Celeste York was pleased with the results.

It’s encouraging to see improvement because school divisions have been paying attention to how students are doing and certainly over the years with the continuous improvement of framework we have all been working on,” said Yorke.

Yorke adds every school division has targeted areas of growth and it’s nice to see improvement across the province.

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