Upgraded Hemodialysis Unit at The Cypress Regional Hospital

Upgraded Hemodialysis Unit at The Cypress Regional Hospital Government Health & Wellness SouthWest Saskatchewan  Government of Saskatchewan Cypress Health Region   (Left to right) Patient Dennis Roosen, hospital staff, Health Minister Dustin Duncan.

Patients living with kidney disease are now able to receive their treatments right here in Swift Current rather than having to travel long distances, and with additional help from the government they are able to double the amount of patients being treated.

The Provincial Government has invested up to $690,000.00 in operational funding, which means the Cypress Regional Hospital will be able to treat 24 patients in their hemodialysis unit. The unit has also increased the number of treatments that it can provide from 36 to 72, as most patients who need dialysis receive around three treatments a week.

“We are working to put the patient first,” Said Health Minister Dustin Duncan, when he spoke at the Cypress Regional Hospital on Thursday, “This is a good example of that. Expanding the ability of the health region to provide hemodialysis here at Cypress Regional Hospital and will help in the patient experience so that  they don’t have to travel as far as they used to for this type of service.”

Patient Dennis Roosen of Swift Current received open heart surgery last August and was unable to drive himself to his dialysis treatments in Regina. Now he can have it done right here in Swift Current.

“It’s really good. I had to rely on my son and my daughter, and my wife drove too. but they all work too.” Said Roosen. “So it was tough for a while but we finally got through it and now we are here.”

Roosen adds that in the winter it took him nearly five hours to get to Regina when the roads were bad, and other times he would have to turn around and go home.

“The more that we can do to bring that service closer home to them obviously speaks to a better patient experience and as well really puts the patients in mind in terms of some of the hardships that may be presented to a patient when services aren’t close to home.” Said Duncan.

Right now there are six hemodialysis machines in the hospital which replicate the kidneys’ function of filtering toxins and impurities out of the blood stream. Because dialysis is a time consuming process, only two patients per day, per machine can be treated. The unit will also be open a full six days a week.

“We are at our max right now and we are constantly looking at our wait list.” Said Karen Wiens who is the hospitals Renal Dialysis and Chemotherapy Services Program Manager.

She adds that if the trend continues and more people need dialysis in the area, and if they need more spots open they may expand down the road.

via Local News http://www.swiftcurrentonline.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=24453:upgraded-hemodialysis-unit-at-the-cypress-regional-hospital-&catid=13:local-news&Itemid=355

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