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GHOST SECURITY HIRED TO ENFORCE TOWN BYLAWS Government GULL LAKE SouthWest Saskatchewan  Town Council Mayor's Report Community

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By Tim Kalinowski

The Advance

Twitter: GLATimKal

Bylaw enforcement in Gull Lake is about to get more teeth. The Town announced last week it was going to be hiring Ghost Security to come into the community 2 days-a-week to hand out tickets and give warnings to residents who are in violation of local bylaws. Mayor Blake Campbell says the move should go a long ways toward addressing bylaw compliance and complaints.
“The current way we have to handle this is someone has to make a complaint to the town office before we end up initiating the phone call,” explains Campbell. “That works most of the time, but it sometimes takes awhile to get compliance. If you have Ghost Security out touring around enforcing the bylaws, it’s not waiting until it gets bad enough to have someone make a complaint to the office.”
Campbell says the Town is particularly concerned about enforcing the no parking zone around the school, addressing issues with residence snow removal and the cleaning up of unsightly property. However every town bylaw will be enforceable under the agreement with Ghost, and those not in compliance will receive either a warning or a ticket.
“They don’t have the authority to pull people over or that sort of thing,” says Campbell. “They can enforce any town bylaw that relates to parking, snow removal, unsightly premises and things like that.”
Campbell says Ghost Security is planning to take a more gentle approach at first until Gull Lake residents get used to the idea of regular enforcement of bylaws, something community members have not had to deal with in the past.
“Ghost Security is willing to work with people. It’s not about going out and hammering people unless that’s necessary. We would want them being fair to everyone and making sure this is not being enforced with an iron hand.”

GHOST SECURITY HIRED TO ENFORCE TOWN BYLAWS Government GULL LAKE SouthWest Saskatchewan  Town Council Mayor's Report Community

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