Gull Lake’s First Ever Twinkle Tour

Gull Lake's First Ever Twinkle Tour GULL LAKE SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan

Hope all this snow is putting everyone in the Christmas spirit, because Gull Lake is holding its first ever Twinkle Tour on Dec. 11. If you would like to show off the inside or outside of your Christmassy home, contact the Recreation Director! You will have visitors at your house on the night of the 11th.

Maybe you’re not interested in showing off your house, but want to check out everyone else’s. You can take the tour! Cost is $5, and proceeds to go Gull Lake Swimming Pool. Once you register, you will get your map and itinerary. Joanne Ruetz, Mother Christmas herself, has offered to close out the tour with her magnificently-decorated home. This is a Christmas must-see!

Register for either showing off your home or touring through others’ with the Recreation Director!  Call the Recreation Office at 672-4449.

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