Will Canada Post Cuts Impact You?

Will Canada Post Cuts Impact You? Government SouthWest Saskatchewan  Government of Canada Canada Post

Major changes at Canada Post will impact the way we receive our mail in the southwest.

The post office announced a five stage plan designed to save up to $900 million a year. It includes ending home delivery to urban areas within five years.

“Canada Post is an arm’s length corporation,” said Conservative Cypress Hills-Grasslands MP David Anderson. “They need to make their decisions to keep their operation functioning responsibly. They’ve faced a huge reduction in business over the last few years. They need to make some changes if they’re going to survive.”

{mp3}andersondec12{/mp3}David Anderson Interview”I think the prediction is if they don’t change things by 2020 they’ll be looking at a billion dollar deficit. We’ve encouraged them to make the changes they need to make in order to remain viable.”

About a third of Canadian homes still receive mail to their door. The NDP and Liberals say the decision will hurt seniors and the disabled.

“2/3rds of Canadians already get their mail through community boxes,” Anderson said. “There are some people that are going to be impacted by this. The reality is Canada Post in the way it has been functioning over the last few years is not going to be viable.”

“(In Swift Current) most of us actually go to a box to get our mail. The older neighbourhoods that’s not necessarily true but the newer ones it is. People have gotten used to the idea of collecting their mail from boxes.”

Delivery shouldn’t be impacted in the rural areas of our riding.

“There’s been a moratorium on closures in rural post offices and that will continue,” Anderson said. “There may be some people who are trying to stir up the issue but the reality is in our riding that those post offices whenever we’ve been able to find someone to maintain them… they’ve been kept.”

The cost of stamps will also increase to $1 per stamp, or 85 cents per stamp in a booklet or coil. Canada Post estimates their new pricing will generate between $160 million to $200 million.

They also plan to cut between 6,000 and 8,000 jobs over the next five years, all by attrition.

Anderson suggested he has had a mixed reaction from constituents.

“There’s some people that are saying they’re a business that’s struggling… and we don’t want tax dollars included in the solution,” Anderson said. “We’ve heard from others that are concerned about their delivery.”

He noted Canada Post can make these decisions without government approval. The legislature is in control of the mandate but not the day to day operations.

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