A lot of emotions surround the Christmas season: happiness, reverence, nostalgia, excitement.

It’s a favorite time of year for many of us.

We look forward to family times of fun and laughter.  Seeing someone we love opening a gift into which we have put a little thought.  Being with friends who we don’t see enough.  Relaxing and enjoying good food…sometimes a little too much good food.

And refreshing our Faith in the One who is the real reason behind it all.  For unto all of us was born that day in the city of David…a Saviour who is Christ the Lord.  And that Baby named Jesus who was born that night, grew into a man who told us to love one another.  And that’s the spirit of Christmas.

George (Matthew) Adams says “I shall try to make my life like an open fireplace, so that people may be warmed and cheered by it and so go out themselves to warm and cheer.”

That is because there are often other emotions that surround this season as well: sadness, loneliness, longing, discouragement.

It may be our seniors, those who are disabled or ill, people who are alone, or those who have suffered a recent loss.  It may be families that are new to our province looking for friendship, looking for a place to belong.  Families that may also be concerned about events happening in the country from which they came..like the Philippines  –  Maligayang Pasko to all our Pilipino friends this season.

These events are catastrophic, almost unimaginable.  They call to our hearts.  They call us to act

Like the action in a story submitted by a reader to a Saskatchewan newspaper, which described the true spirit that should accompany our yearly Christmas celebrations.

It seems a refugee family was in a store purchasing essential items for establishing a home here for themselves.  A woman, another customer, approached the family and asked some questions, after which she went off to pick out a toy for the couple’s little boy.

And THEN proceeded to pay for the toy AND all the other items they had gathered.  It came to several hundred dollars.

That is Love in action.  That is Christmas in action.

An anonymous hero just out sharing some warmth and cheer.

A reminder for all of us that…for to whom much is given…of them much shall be required.

Just like a restaurant in Moose Jaw that makes Christmas dinner for the less fortunate.  The class of kids in Milestone who regularly visit a seniors’ home.
Or the families in Prince Albert who lovingly place necessities and small treasures in shoeboxes for kids, half-way around the world, who they will never meet.

That’s Saskatchewan people reaching out to each other AND to those around the world.

I encourage all of us here in this great province, where so many of us have so much, to share Christmas with someone who needs warmth and cheer.

So from me and my wife Tami, and our children: Megan, Colter and Faith, and on behalf of my colleagues in the government of Saskatchewan, I wish for all of you, a Merry Christmas.

The Joy and Peace we all want, and the Hope we all need.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


For more information, contact:

Kathy Young
Executive Council
Phone: 306-787-0425
Email: kathy.young@gov.sk.ca
Cell: 306-526-8927


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