Positive Population Growth for Saskatchewan

Positive Population Growth for Saskatchewan Economic Development Government  Saskatchewan Population Government of Saskatchewan Canada

Saskatchewan’s population continued to grow in the third quarter of 2013, and stood at over 1,114,000 people as of October 1st.

“The population’s grown by around 6000 people and we see net in-migration from the other Canadian provinces,” said Premier Brad Wall. “We’re sort of back and forth with Alberta, sometimes we’re losing a bit to them, and this quarter, we’ve gained a bit from them. For a while, Ontario was our number one source for other Canadians coming from Saskatchewan, and in this particular quarter it was British Columbia with over 300 there.”

Saskatchewan and Alberta are the only two provinces to see positive increases in migration from other provinces throughout Canada.

Wall adds most importantly, Saskatchewan’s economy is staying strong to help accommodate the growth, but warns that finances will be tighter come budget time in the spring.

“We’re heading into a year where it’s going to be tighter financially, and the budget’s going to reflect that,” he says. “When that happens in the spring, people shouldn’t think that it reflects badly on the economy. We’ve been there before, in 2009, when we grew by 17,000 people.”

Wall adds that he expects to see the population to continue to grow in 2014, despite the provincial resource revenues being down.

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