MP David Anderson Feels Good About 2013

MP David Anderson Feels Good About 2013 Government SouthWest Saskatchewan  Government of Canada

It was a year of mostly good economic news in our region and Cypress Hills-Grasslands MP David Anderson feels good about the outlook.

“We’ve had great activity in the oil and gas sector,” Anderson said. “But agriculture is the thing that really stands out. Incredible crops that people took off this year and the challenges we’ve had in moving them off the farms.”

He is pleased with the status of the Canadian economy in the face of remaining global uncertainty.

“In this area the economy has been pretty strong,” Anderson said. “The biggest challenges we probably face are international in terms of the international economies and things being fragile.”

“Canada has done pretty well. We continue to lead in many areas as far as G8 economies go.”

Now Anderson wants to see their government continue to push towards a balanced budget in the new year.

“The finance minister has promised we will be able to do that in 2015,” he added. “Certainly some of us are encouraging him to try and do that as quickly as we possible can. If we could do it sooner than that I’d be very happy.”

He also noted a need to work at erasing some barriers for the natural resources sector.

“We clearly need to develop more markets for them,” Anderson said. “The Americans are moving quickly to get into the liquified natural gas export business. We need to make sure that we’re into it as well in order to remain competitive and obviously the pipeline remains an issue.”

“A big story this year was the agreement with the Europeans on a trade agreement that will be very substantive especially for western Canada.”

The Conservative government also faced significant scrutiny over the sente spending scandal. Anderson is hoping they can turn the page now that the offending senators have been dealt with.

“They’ve been suspended,” he noted. “The RCMP are doing their investigation. I think we need to let that take its course… I think it has gotten to be more political than it is legal and certainly look forward to the RCMP doing their work.”

Anderson has long been in favour of senate reform but admited it may be difficult depending on the formula they have to follow for approval.

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