Caitlin Taylor Named 2014 Saskatchewanderer

Caitlin Taylor Named 2014 Saskatchewanderer Tourism  Saskatchewan

Caitlin Taylor rides horseback through the Cypress Hills as the 2013 Saskatchewanderer

The new 2014 Saskatchewanderer is the 2013 Saskatchewanderer.

Caitlin Taylor is headed back for another year at the “best summer job ever”, which is now a full-time year-round position.

“I’m super excited to start, and it’s going to be one awesome year,” Taylor said. “I just had a great time in the summer, it was my dream job, so having the opportunity to come back and do it again was something that I couldn’t pass up.”

Taylor will not only show off the province’s attractions and events once again, but will also promote the other things that make Saskatchewan a great place to live.

“I’ll be showing the agricultural side and the economy side, as well as tourism and parks, culture and sport,” she said. “In those different venues, I’ll be able to show that Saskatchewan is a great place all around, not just for visiting.”

You can follow her adventures, and look back on what she did last year, at

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