SGI Increases Rates for Drivers

SGI Increases Rates for Drivers Government  Saskatchewan Government Insurance Saskatchewan

It looks like we’re going to be paying more for license plates in 2014.

A proposal released yesterday from the crown corporation to the Saskatchewan Rate Review Panel shows about 84 per cent of vehicles would receive rate increase of about 5.2% and about 16 per cent would receive decrease, if the re-balancing proposal is approved.

“It’s not a flat increase across all vehicle types and classes because one of the things we tried to do was make sure each vehicle class was paying as close to the correct premium for the losses incurred by that class as possible. Approximately 84 per cent of Saskatchewan vehicle owners will see an increase and that increase will average about $49 dollars a year or a little over $4 dollars a month. The other 16 per cent of vehicle owners will either see no change or a decrease in rates of anywhere up to $12 dollars per year,” said Andrew Cartmell, President and CEO of SGI.

Increasing auto body labour rates and a rise in the number of claims look to be the reason the government needs to collect more money from Saskatchewan drivers.

“The portion that’s tied to next years rating program, the 2.7%, most of that increase it due to labor rate increases for auto body repairers. The auto body repairers in Saskatchewan have for the last few years had trouble attracting qualified journeymen into auto body repair. The economy is booming and younger people are actually attracted to other careers in the province that are paying more money. In addition, due to the complexity of new vehicles with all the electronic equipment and aluminum frames and things of that nature. They need additional funds in order to train and purchase the equipment necessary to fix vehicles,” said Cartmell. “Also, in order to provide better customer service for our vehicle owners we’re implementing a new computer system with our auto body repair shops that will allow them to digitally image the damage and do repair estimates directly in the auto repair shop, send us the information electronically which we can then approve very quickly and particularly in rural areas of the province we should see turnaround times in terms of fixing cars to be a lot faster the downside is that there’s a little more cost in that.”

Rates would be rebalanced for all vehicles, with the exception of motorcycles; instead, all motorcycles would receive a flat 6.4% increase.

Proposed rates for all vehicles can be found on SGI’s website at If approved, the rate changes would be effective August 31, 2014.

The full rate proposal will be available on the SRRP’s website at

They want our opinions, comments on the rate proposal can be provided to the SRRP through its website, its Facebook or Twitter account, or by calling toll free 1-877-368-7075 or emailing

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