Chinook Cyber School Continues to be Successful

Written by Jessica Vallee on Thursday, 13 February 2014

Chinook Cyber School Continues to be Successful Education SouthWest Saskatchewan  Chinook School Division

At the last Chinook School Board meeting on Monday they celebrated the successes of The Chinook Cyber School.

The Chinook Cyber School is comprised of 18 full and part time staff members from 8 different schools throughout the Chinook School division.

Teachers use a variety of different technologies to deliver courses, some offer synchronous (video) classes while others use online tools to create the learning environment for their courses.

While this type of learning has been a part of the Chinook Division for three years, they are still developing new courses and are happy with the way students have progressed through it.

“Over the last three years we’ve seen a pretty consistent level of kids. We usually have about 600-650 kids taking our courses. Our success rate is really a positive number, it’s around 98%. Lots to celebrate there in terms of being able to offer courses out to our students within the division and give them opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise get in some of their small town schools,” said Chinook Cyber School Principal Shelby Budd.

While the Cyber School offers all mandatory courses electronically, they also offer several elective type courses to students.

“We offer a number of electives as well, so we offer things like accounting, ag tech cow and calf production, energy and mines, law, cosmotology, wildlife. There’s a whole lot, we have a total of 54 courses through the cyber school so lots of opportunities there,” said Budd.

Electronic learning is just the beginning to why The Cyber School is beneficial to students.

“To be able to explore into areas of interest for them, for example in lots of schools the opportunity to take cosmetology just doesn’t exist. We’re lucky enough here at the Cyber school to have a cosmetology teacher who is a journeyman in cosmetology, so the kids are learning right from the experts,” said Budd.

Staff receives training yearly on the latest innovations in teaching tools and design as well as best practices in course development to keep up with student’s wants and needs.

“I think that we’re maybe going to be status quo for next year, though I don’t see us developing a bunch of new courses. We’re certainly working towards supporting the new sciences that will be rolling out from the ministry, so that’s number one on our priority list. And of course we’re in the process right now that our courses are up and are developed. As a staff we’re always looking for new ways that we can engage our students online and sort of look to those best learning practices so that we’re meeting the needs of all of our students,” said Budd.

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