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Gull Lake Gears up for 2014 Communities in Bloom

Gull Lake is gearing up for this year’s participation in the 2014 Communities in Bloom Program. The Communities in Bloom Committee will have its first meeting Wednesday night to consider what project to undertake in this years CIB prgram. Once a project has been chosen the Committee will be seeking volunteers to help with the project, and other activities that will be planned for this year’s CIB events.

Last year Gull Lake enrolled in the Communities in Bloom Program for the first time last year. The Communities in Bloom Committee took on a downtown revitalization project that saw a number of aesthetic improvements to the downtown. Improvements included adding benches, picnic tables, and garbage and recycle receptacles. Fencing was put up in a few locations and a pocket park was created. Not to mention the community garden that was started on the corner of main and Conrad.

Many volunteers came together and helped keep our entrance ways, park and town clean. Residents also did a great job keeping their yards clean, and many had very nice floral displays. The Block and Business Flower pot competitions also helped to enhance the look of our community.

When all was said and done CIB judges came to town and did an extensive evaluation of the entire community. Everything from the Cemetery, Park, Recreation Facilities, Entry Ways, Downtown, Residential, and Landfill were evaluated. The Community received a score of 2 Blooms and was only one percentage point away from scoring three blooms. The town also received special mention for our murals, trees, landscape, and on Little green our the Prairie community park. Judges also remarked the first impression of Gull Lake is a positive one.

With only one percentage point from 3 Blooms last year let’s set our sights on four blooms this year. Everyone can participate from everything from keeping your yard neat and tidy, to participating in a community clean up, or helping keep entrance ways clean. If you would like to volunteer to help the CIB Committee or would be interested in sitting on the Committee feel free to call Ed Lowenburger 306-672-3603 or myself 306-672-7499.

Gull Lake is a community bursting with pride and by working together we can continue to make Gull Lake look great!

Mayor Campbell

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Upcoming events:

  • Sat

    Autumn House Craft & Trade Show

    10:00am to 4:00pm @Gull Lake Community Hall

  • Sat

    Christmas Cove 2018

    05:00 pm to 10:00 pmGull Lake Campground

    Christmas Cove 2015

  • Wed

    Boxing Day Spiel

    1:00pm @Gull Lake Curling Rink

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