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Gull Lake To Compete In CiB This Year

By Craig Baird

After finishing with Two Blooms last year, just one point away from Three Blooms, an excellent start for a first-time participant in Communities in Bloom, Gull Lake is going one step further and will be competing in 2014.

“After reviewing the CiB judges’ evaluation, it was clear that we did very well. With our score only being one percentage point from scoring three out of five blooms, the CiB Committee felt it was time to move to a competitive category,” Mayor Blake Campbell said.

Using the judges’ recommendations from last year, the CiB Committee has chosen projects that should help to increase the overall score of the Town in this year’s competition.

“The committee has identified a number of projects and events that will help Gull Lake with this year’s evaluation, such as the community gardens started last year, making and putting up banners on street posts, and having a special speaker come out and talk about the CiB program to community members,” Campbell said. “Events, such as the Earth Day Community Cleanup and Cemetery Cleanup Week, and other programs that will be announced when detailers are finalized.”

Looking back at the recommendations from last year, the CiB Committee has learned quite a bit.

“Most important was what came out in the evaluation as it gave the committee a real sense of what we are doing well,” Campbell said. “Not only that, but the time the committee spent with the judges was a positive experience and a lot of good advice and ideas were given to the committee.”

A large portion of the town’s residents got behind the project last year, beautifying their own yards and volunteering to help on a number of projects. That is a trend the CiB Committee is hoping will continue.

“Residents can help by keeping their yards neat and tidy, it is the easiest way that everyone can help,” Campbell said. “Also, for those that are able to, they can participate in planned events such as the Earth Day community cleanup, or the cemetery cleanup week.”

Volunteers are also needed on a number of projects.

“The committee welcomes the help of volunteers, and the community is judged on community involvement,” Campbell said. “Last year, people came forward and volunteered to care for many of our public areas such as the park and entryways. Looking after these areas is a big help, and the more you can help the easier it is to do. Participation in the CiB program is a big undertaking and community effort.”

If you are thinking of volunteering, you can contact Dawnette or Lea at the town office (306-672-3361) to get information on how you can help the committee.

As for how Gull Lake will do this year, Mayor Campbell has high hopes.

“I believe we would do well last year and we did great with only one percentage point short of receiving Three Blooms. This year, I believe Gull Lake will shoot for Four Blooms,” Campbell said. “Gull Lake is a great place to live. This year, help us show Saskatchewan just how great our community is. Do your part and help the CiB committee get Gull Lake Four Blooms this year.”

Gull Lake To Compete In CiB This Year GULL LAKE SouthWest Saskatchewan Town Beautification  Saskatchewan Communities in Bloom

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