Grain Backlog Expected to Dominate Spring Session

Written by Colin Powers on Thursday, 27 February 2014

Grain Backlog Expected to Dominate Spring Session Agriculture Government  Saskatchewan Rail Service Government of Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan’s MLAs are returning to the Legislature on Monday for the spring session, and a number of topics are likely to dominate the early discussion.

One involves the ongoing issues with transporting the record amount of grain from last year to port. Grain handling companies have told the province that it may be well into 2015 before the backlog is cleared, and earlier this week, Premier Brad Wall suggested that prairie farmers might be better off using American rail companies instead of Canadian ones to get the grain out.

Wall says the transportation problems affecting grain is spilling over to other commodities, including potash and crude oil.

“Now it’s impacting potash, which is moving at a lower price, but it’s moving, and it impacts oil transportation, and we that’s why we advocate for pipelines strongly,” he told reporters on Wednesday. “I think that is going to influence the session… it’s a priority for us and I expect it should be for the New Democrats as well.”

With some farmers not getting any money from their grain while it’s still sitting in the elevator or their own bins, Wall says while there are federal and provincial programs to help farmers with income shortfalls, patience is also key.

“I think the other thing we’re hoping is that all of the stakeholders involved, including financial stakeholders, are going to recognize that patience needs to be exercised on all parts,” he added.

Provincial grain delegation meetings have been held over the past few weeks to try and come up with solutions to get the grain moving again.

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