Time To Beautify Our Community

Gull Lake nearly earned three blooms in their first year with Communities in Bloom.

By Craig Baird

Our community took part in a great project last year, and it did an amazing job. Gull Lake took part in Communities in Bloom (as a non-competing participant) and not only did better than most communities in their first time with a Two Bloom award, but the town was one mere point away from Three Blooms. That is amazing when you consider that most communities get One Bloom, maybe Two, but certainly don’t come close to Three in their first year.

This year, Gull Lake is once again jumping into Communities in Bloom challenge, but the town is not going to be an observer this time. Instead, our community is competing against other communities our size for the top prize.

What does this mean?

It means it is up to all of us to get our community looking beautiful.

When Layla and I moved here in March of 2013, we found that Gull Lake was a nice community, but we had not seen it in bloom yet. Once May rolled around and flowers began to spring up, we started to see a beautiful and colourful town. Everywhere we looked, we saw flowers and a town that was being transformed.

This year, the Town of Gull Lake and the Communities In Bloom Committee is going full force to make sure we take even more blooms this time.

For the residents of the town, this means getting down to work. What can we do? Here are some thoughts:

1.      Plant some flowers in the front yard. Make your front yard a colourful display of many beautiful flowers.

2.      Prune your trees, so that they look healthy and beautiful. (The town even held a pruning demonstration last week.)

3.      Clean up any trash or garbage in, or near, your yard.

4.      Walk around town and share your ideas on how to beautify Gull Lake.

5.      Help out by joining the Odd Job Squad, painting a banner, adopting an area, or just helping out any way you can. Go to the Town Office to find ways that you can help out with Communities in Bloom.

6.      Take part in the town sponsored events like the back alley cleanup and cemetery cleanup happening during Earth Week.

We can all do our part to make Gull Lake bloomin’ beautiful. We can help out our neighbours, the businesses, and our town. Lend a hand whenever you can. Plant some flowers, clean up some trash, and help make our community the top town in Saskatchewan for Communities in Bloom!


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