Cypress Health Staying Focused on Lean

Written by Colin Powers on Monday, 24 March 2014

Cypress Health Staying Focused on Lean Health & Wellness SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Health Authority Saskatchewan

The Cypress Health Region is staying focused on Lean practices, despite recent concerns raised by the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses.

The province is spending $40 million over five years for the program and two new healthcare facilities are being built under designs focused on Lean, but SUN said they are starting to have second thoughts about the practices. The union that represents 8300 Registered Nurses in the province says that it believes Lean actually has little impact on patient outcomes, and it doesn’t account for the flexibilities needed to deal with increasing complexities of patients.

The Cypress Health Region was one of the first in the province to adopt Lean practices in 2009 and CEO Beth Vachon says she hasn’t heard many concerns from their front-line staff.

“Our staff have been very welcoming and open,” Vachon said. “They find it interesting as we’re starting to create some of the data about where they are spending their time and how much time they are spending doing particular tasks, and they have been quite willing to work with us on the whole improvement process.”

Vachon adds they are also continuing to work with staff on Lean practices, noting that she is currently involved in an improvement project with staff members in Maple Creek.

“We have been spending full weeks with our staff, following them through an entire shift and tracking and timing,” she said. “It gives us a great opportunity to talk to them about the fact that we aren’t judging the work that they are doing, we’re really looking at ways to streamline the process to free up their time and get them back to the bedside, and doing the kinds of things that they often very rushed and pressured to do.”

Vachon adds adopting Lean practices has helped them simplify their processes and reduce redundancies and waste at their facilities, and says they have had the ability to gain some momentum in those practices over the last few years.

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