Chinook SD Reports Positive Results at AGM

Written by Jessica Vallee on Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Chinook SD Reports Positive Results at AGM Education SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Chinook School Division

The Chinook School Division held their 2012-2013 Annual General Meeting in Swift Current on Monday night.

Liam Choo-Foo, Director of Education says that one of the biggest highlights of the year was the success of the Math Momentum Initiative, and Balanced Literacy Maintenance.

“Our rural school community councils have embraced the Math Momentum and done things within their communities like math nights, cultural nights, different activities at rinks, The Amazing Race held out at Cabri. It’s really embraced the whole initiative and really helped children realize that math is beyond just the four walls of the classroom and really does have an impact on daily life,” said Choo-Foo.

Grade numbers have improved in the 2012-2013 year for the Chinook School Division, 81% of students are meeting or exceeding expectations in reading levels at the grade three level, and the Reading Assessment District at the grade six and nine level.

“Our learning agenda is always one of the key things, it’s front and center, we want to be focused on students and the learning for all students in our school division. So the board has made a really strong commitment, in terms of resources. Both human resources, fiscal resources and even classroom resources to ensure that our students get the very best chances to get their literacy levels to expectations and their math levels to expectations,” said Choo-Foo.

An improvement of 18% for reading scores was seen between 2012 and 2013.

“To us it’s a highlight to be able to see see an 18% growth over two years of the number of kids meeting or exceeding expectations in math. A real highlight for us on the literacy side, is to see that for the first time the boys actually did better than the girls in the grade three reading level. We’ve put a fair bit of emphasis on that over the last couple of years and it’s always quite rewarding to see positive results based on those efforts,” said Choo-Foo.

In terms of finances, the Chinook School Division’s largest expense was instruction, which includes salaries and benefits for teachers and other staff, resource material and classroom supplies. The second largest was schools and their upkeep. Secretary-Treasurer Rod Quinton says there was a budget surplus despite a decrease in tax revenues.

Choo-Foo mentions that highlights for the Division as a whole was the ground breaking for Ecole Centennial School and the partnership with the City for the outdoor track that was completed this past year.

“We had a really good year, we always know there are things we can improve and do better at, and we will continue to look at those different processes, but I can say that in terms of direction and focus our board has been very good at letting us know what the expectations are and then turning it over to us to implement the plans that they want to see put in place. It’s working quite well and we continue to hope that the students in Southwest Saskatchewan can benefit from their K to 12 education,” said Choo-Foo.

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  • Chinook SD Reports Positive Results at AGM Education SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Chinook School Division   Math results get top marks from Chinook official

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