Elhard Says Budget Right On Track

Written by Penny Schreiner on Friday, 28 March 2014

Elhard Says Budget Right On Track Government SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Government of Saskatchewan

With a balanced Provincial Budget presented March 19th, Cypress Hills MLA, Wayne Elhard feels the budget was right on track with some real benefits to people in our area including increases for seniors and an insurance program for cattle producers.

Elhard says that it was also a positive note to see the government keeping the tax structure for Credit Unions the same, adding, “Well, I think the Credit Unions are quite pleased with the government’s decision to hold the line on that particular issue. There is some long-term need to look at how Credit Unions are dealt with in comparison to banks and I think that those discussions will be forthcoming.”

“There is certainly going to be some impact felt in the seniors’ community, for instance,” he says. “For those who are on the seniors’ income plan, there’s going to be increased benefits to those recipients. If they’re a senior going into a personal care home, there’s a benefit increase there as well.”

Elhard says he was also happy to see continued funding for the Long Term Care Centre in Maple Creek and the funding for an insurance program for cattle producers.

“Our government was very deliberate about holding the line on spending, so we’ve got a balanced budget, we have done that with no tax increases to anybody, we’ve controlled the spending, and yet, we’ve made important investments in infrastructure, in people, and particularly to those who are less fortunate.”

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