Dutch Elm Disease Prevention Starts Tomorrow

Written by Juanita Tuntland on Monday, 31 March 2014

Starting tomorrow April 1st to August 31st Elm tree owners are prohibited in Saskatchewan from pruning their trees.

Every year the ban is put in place to reduce the spread of Dutch Elm Disease also known as DED.

The ban is put in place during a time period where elm bark beetles are most active, and the spread is most likely to occur.

While pruning is healthy for any growing tree, owners of Elm trees should put pruning off until the fall. Proper pruning can also reduce places for the beetles to breed.

The Government of Saskatchewan also asks that any tree that is infected with DED should be removed immediately, and residents are reminded that the transportation or storage of elm firewood is illegal.

When pruning is done, it should be carried out or supervised by someone who has completed a recognized training program according to provincial regulations, and disposed of promptly as the designated locations.

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