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SASKATCHEWAN PEOPLE BENEFIT FROM GROWTH PLAN COMMITMENT TO LOWER TAXES Economic Development Government  Saskatchewan Government of Saskatchewan

As another tax season comes to a close, the Government of Saskatchewan remains committed to controlling spending and keeping taxes low.

“Since 2007, our government has delivered the largest income tax cuts and the largest education property tax cuts in Saskatchewan history,” Finance Minister Ken Krawetz said.  “Lower taxes are a big part of our government’s Plan for Growth and are helping to keep life affordable for Saskatchewan people.”

A Saskatchewan family of four with $50,000 in annual income will pay just $166 in provincial income tax in 2014, compared to $2,302 in 2007, representing tax savings of $2,136 annually.  In terms of all provincial taxes, that same family will pay $608 in Saskatchewan in 2014, compared to $3,032 in Manitoba, $4,231 in British Columbia and $1,282 in Quebec.

A Saskatchewan family of four or more with an income of $75,000 is once again expected to pay less in total provincial taxes and utilities in 2014 than their counterparts in any other province in Canada.

“Ensuring Saskatchewan people keep more of what they earn through lower taxes helps keep Saskatchewan on the path of steady growth,” Krawetz said.  “Even when faced with revenue challenges, keeping taxes low will always be a priority for our government.  That’s why the 2014-15 Budget contained no tax increases.  Our preference continues to be to balance the budget by controlling spending.”


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McIntyre Foundation Launches Scholarship Program

Written by Juanita Tuntland on Wednesday, 30 April 2014

McIntyre Foundation Launches Scholarship Program Business Education GULL LAKE Health & Wellness Oil & Gas SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan

It was a packed house at the Swift Current Comp High School for the launch of the McIntyre Family Foundation’s Prairie Healthcare Scholarships.

The ‘Dream Big’ Program awarded six recipients at different stages of their education and professional development in healthcare related fields with awards of $1,000 to $15,000 each.

Founder of the Foundation Eldon McIntyre, who as President and CEO of Jarrod Oils Ltd. has achieved great success himself, wanted to leave his family’s legacy to help others achieve their dreams, and said he saw a real need in the healthcare field.

“I just felt that as we were all aging, were are going to need more and more to look after the aging people,” said McIntyre. “Right now it takes a long time to go see a specialist and I’m hoping we can help get more specialists and that the waiting time can be less.”

McIntyre added that he was very happy with the recipients that were awarded.

“We were looking for bright lights, and we got six of them here today,” he said. “They seem like they are very determined and I think that we found great recipients.”

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall was also in attendance and said this Scholarship program is a great thing for the people of Saskatchewan.

“Here we have a family and an individual that has worked hard all of his life and here he has made a decision that he wants to give back and to focus on healthcare is also very helpful.”

Those interested in applying can go to for more information.

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