Pioneer Co-op Reports $250M in Sales in 2013

Written by Colin Powers on Wednesday, 09 April 2014

Pioneer Co-op Reports $250M in Sales in 2013 Business SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan   The board and management of Pioneer Co-op prepare for Tuesday’s Annual General Meeting

Ninety members were in attendance at Pioneer Co-op’s Annual General Meeting Tuesday night at the Credit Union iplex Auditorium, where the organization reported another strong year with over $250 million in sales in 2013.

“Southwest Saskatchewan has been doing well, whether it be oilfield, agriculture and tourism, so we’ve got a real nice area to work out of and we’re really pleased that the membership chooses to give us some of their business,” said General Manager Stuart Dyrland. “There’s a very strong agro community, but excellent support in the other commodities that are a little tougher, when you’re selling food and hardware, you got to sell a lot of product to sell a million dollars. For ag products, it takes a little bit less, but a lot of work that goes into it from all the managers and staff.

Dyrland adds this fiscal year, which started on January 31st, is already off to a good start especially in the agriculture departments, where he noted a strong demand for grain bins this year.

The Co-op also announced they will be giving over $13 million back to their members in patronage allocations, with a 50% cash repayment due out during their Dividend Days in June.

“I think people recognize that there is good money that is coming back, and it pays to support the Co-op,” Dyrland added.

The Pioneer Co-op Board of Directors also welcomed two new members, installing Donna Bourgoin of Swift Current and Dawn Maalerud of Piapot at Tuesday’s meeting.

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