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Communities In Bloom Xeriscape Garden

Photo by The Advance

Work continues tonight at the Communities in Bloom Xeriscape Garden at the corner of Main Street and Conrad Avenue.  The project started last year and volunteers are working hard trying to finish before the judges arrive. Volunteers will be putting down some landscape fabric tonight (donated by Central Energy) and spreading some mulch.

The Communities in Bloom Program is all about community pride, and it credits the use of volunteers’ in its evaluation of community projects.  If you have some free time tonight come on down to the community Xeriscape Garden and bring your rake!!

Gull Lake Communities in Bloom Volunteers Hard at Work

Photo by Kate Winquist

Today was a busy day for some of our Communities in Bloom Volunteers as they worked at two locations today getting things ready for this years Communities in Bloom Compitition.

Lea Stevenson, Shelly Bryant, Bev and Les Potter with a little help from the town crew, spent the day planting more trees and shrubs at community garden at the corner of Main Street and Conrad Avenue.

Les and Bev Potter also spent some time today cleaning up around the Wagon by the Fire hall. They put out several decorative barrels, and filled them with an assortment of plants and flowers.

The Committee will be looking for volunteers to help with the landscape fabric and mulch. If we can find heavy duty landscape fabric we will be finishing up on Thursday at 6:30. Bring your shovel and rake and come on down!

Photo by Kate Winquist Photo by Kate Winquist

Rink revitalization project one of the most ambitious in Gull Lake’s history


By Tim Kalinowski
Twitter: GLATimKal
In a sporting town like Gull Lake it is difficult to understate the importance of the town’s local rink and recreation centre. Built at great cost in 1983, the Gull Lake Rec. Complex at the time was as good as could be found anywhere in small town Saskatchewan. Thirty years-later is still plays a central role in the community, but it’s beginning to look its age.
To address these concerns, Gull Lake’s local recreation board has decided to undertake one of the most ambitious revitalization projects the community has ever seen. Sara Kuntz, recreation director for the Town of Gull Lake, explains the importance and the need.
“People always come and look at it and say what a nice rink,” says Kuntz. “But it’s 30 years-old and it just needs some love. Our dressing rooms need a facelift. Our kitchen needs a facelift. We have already ripped the boards out on the ice surface and the new ones will be installed within the next couple of months.”
As support comes in from the community and surrounding area, Kuntz says every part of the rink will be revitalized including the rink lighting, the lobby area, the bowling alley and the public bathrooms.
“We just want to let people know we are embarking on this large project, and we want people to be aware and ask questions. When we need manpower, come out and help us. And if you want to give us money, we will certainly say yes,” says Kuntz. “We will put it to good use, giving the rink new life.”
Fundraising pamphlets which discuss sponsorship options and outline how community members can get involved have already been sent in the mail or can be picked up at the town office. Kuntz says the rink is much too important a facility in the area to let things slide for another 30 years.
“This is not just our rink. It houses lots of our recreational facilities. So it has the hall, it has the meeting room, it has the bowling alley, it has the gym and it has the rink. And we need to take care of that or we’re going to lose a lot of facilities. It’s one of the places that get people out and about in the community; especially in the winter … It’s one of those main centres of community life.”
“Your Southwest Community Newspaper”


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