Town of Gull Lake Proclaims May 4th to 10th Communities in Bloom Week



Communities in Bloom Week

Whereas, in Canada, we are fortunate to have a multitude of communities and volunteers committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification; and

Whereas, communities are committed to ensuring sustainable development for future generations; and

Whereas, participation in Communities in Bloom builds communities, strengthens volunteer and community development, enhances social interaction, and creates community pride; and

Whereas, the benefits provided by Communities in Bloom may boost the economy, create sustainability, enhance property values, attract new business, and increase tourism; and

Whereas, our parks, open spaces, green spaces and trails ensure sustainability, provide space to enjoy nature, help maintain clean air and water, and preserve plant and animal wildlife; and

Whereas, all community levels: municipal, residential, commercial and institutional work together to ensure the voluntary sector and private enterprise throughout the Country participate in the planning, development and operation of recreation and parks programs, services and facilities.

Now, Therefore be it Resolved, that Communities in Bloom does hereby proclaim that the week of May 4 through May 10 has been designated as Communities in Bloom Week which will annually recognize and celebrate the benefits derived from Communities in Bloom and the countless volunteers and individuals that make our communities great places to live.

Therefore, The Town of Gull Lake, in recognition of the benefits and values that Communities in Bloom does provide, do hereby designate the week of May 4, 2014 as Communities in Bloom Week.

Signed this  3rd day of May, 2014 by:

Mayor Blake Campbell

People, Plants and Pride… Growing Together

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