Thank a Nurse This Week

Written by Charlene Blackwell on Friday, 09 May 2014

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Starting today, it’s National Nursing Week across the country with today also celebrated as International Nurses Day in honour of Florence Nightingale’s birthday and to remind everyone how nurses work to guarantee high-quality nursing care for all.

Nursing for over thirty years, Gloria Illerbrun is a registered nurse who’s worked in acute care, long-term care, home care and currently serves as the Executive Director of Health Services for the Cypress Health Region.

She says, ” It’s a week that’s set aside, it has been for many years, to recognize the contributions that all of our nurses make to health care in the country and certainly in our health region.”

Nurses serve in every health care domain, in both traditional and non-traditional roles and Gloria says, “When we talk about nursing, we’re talking about registered nurses, LPNs, and actually, our continuing care aides also make a big contribution to the nursing teams, and they’re always working hands-on with our patients and I don’t think you could underestimate the importance of that.”

Gloria adds, “I went into nursing, I thought could help people and make a difference and I think I’ve had the opportunity to do that. Nursing is a challenging profession, certainly many times, but it’s always rewarding personally to be able to make a difference to people when they’re usually in times of great stress.”

Next time you visit a health care facility and you see a nurse and you want to say ‘Job well done,’ please remember to do so.

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