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City and RM Saying Thanks for Help Fighting May 1 Fires

Written by Colin Powers on Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The smoke has long cleared, but Swift Current residents are still expressing their appreciation to those who helped put out the grass fires on May 1st.

Fire crews responded to three grass fires in the area, including one that burned dangerously close to the city’s new joint-use school and Cypress Regional Hospital, which led to some tense moments within the city.

“The first call I got, I was actually just sitting down to watch a hockey game and it came in, and it sounded pretty serious out by the new school, so it was pretty disheartening to hear that,” said Swift Current Mayor Jerrod Schafer. “I ended up driving around with our CAO, Deputy CAO and the Fire Chief, not that I was there for any expertise or decision-making, you rely on your trained professionals for that obviously, but it was interesting to be there first hand to see the important role that those folks do in situations like that.”

Other fires burned that same day at the Swift Current Landfill and late that evening west of the city along Highway 1 near the junction of Highway 32.

Schafer says it was a collaborative effort to battle the fires and is thankful to everyone who stopped what they were doing to help.

“People went above and beyond,” he said. “I don’t want to miss any names, but I know we had Lorne Carefoot and Scott Lamb show up with some farm equipment to help out. Big Eagle, Keith Waker and Sonic Energy Services were there with water. Of course, the efforts of the RM of Swift Current Fire Department, the City and all of our auxiliaries, EMS and for the third fire later on in the evening, the Gull Lake Fire Department came in.

The Rural Municipality of Swift Current submitted a letter to our newsroom offering their thanks to the volunteers who provided their manpower and equipment to get the fires under control.

The RM of Swift Current would like to say thank-you to all the volunteers who came out to help extinguish the three fires on May 1st.

We would like to say thanks to Lorne Carefoot who came to the fire with his double disc, Scott Lamb came out with a cultivator, Keith Waker for supplying us with water, Sonic Oilfield who was asked to supply water and came out with many trucks and drivers with no cost to the RM, Big Eagle who also came to supply water with many trucks and also did not bill the RM, both the city and rural RCMP detachments for helping to put out the fire as well as doing traffic control, Sask Power for the quick response to a dangerous situation, the RM grader operators and yard men, the city of Swift Current infrastructure for the graders & grader operators, the City Fire Department and all their auxiliaries, Swift Current EMS, Dean McNabb (ESO) from the OFC, the Provincial rapid response team based out of Prince Albert, and the Gull Lake fire department for coming to Swift current to help us out.

And of course our own fire department, they went above and beyond with these calls. They first responded to a call at 4:40 pm on May 1st and finally got home at 4:00 am May 2nd, with a total of 12 hours to extinguish 3 fires. In the end everyone was safe with minimal damage to property and equipment.

We may off missed one or two others who came out to help, and we do apologize for that, but it was difficult to keep track of who all helped out.Without a collaboration of efforts by all, there could have been some huge losses. Again, THANK-YOU!!

RM of Swift Current #137

via Local News

City and RM Saying Thanks for Help Fighting May 1 Fires Government GULL LAKE SouthWest Saskatchewan  Rural Municipality Gull Lake Fire Department

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