Parks Opening up Today

Written by Jessica Vallee on Thursday, 15 May 2014

Parks Opening up Today SouthWest Saskatchewan Tourism  Cypress Hills & Area Attractions   The view from the highest point in Saskatchewan (1392 metres) at Lookout Point in Cypress Hills

Saskatchewan Provincial Parks will open for the season today.

With May long weekend approaching, Cypress Hills and Saskatchewan Landing will be busy with campers, but as it is still early in the season and the snow has just melted, a number of parks may have reduced services.

“The southwest parks are certainly in good shape, with the warmer weather there than we’re experiencing in the central or northern parks we have got most of our systems up and operational down in the southwest. For example Cypress Hills, although they do still have some snow in the the shaded areas of the campground, all the campgrounds will be operational, water will be on. We will have a boil water advisory in place, so people should expect that,” said Mary-Anne Wihak, Visitor Experience Director with SaskParks. “As far as the Landing is concerned we are operational. We are having some problems with the water systems in Bear Paw, so some campers might have to be moved when they arrive. And at this time, we don’t have water to the golf course campground because some of the water lines are still frozen, but all the boat launches are operational, the rest of the park is looking good, and we’re ready for our campers to get out to the parks.”

Wihak says that this won’t stop avid campers who are excited to get out after a long winter.

“There’s always the heartier souls that regardless of whether there’s snow in the forecast or still a little snow on the ground, they’re very anxious to get out. We will still have lots of availability for people who might decide at the last minute but we are getting a number of reservations coming in from those campers who are anxious to get out,” said Wihak.

SaskParks launched their Express Check-In Pilot Program in 2013, and are expanding it this year. If residents are camping at Cypress Hills, Duck Mountain, Pike Lake, Greenwater, Douglas or The Battlefords parks, the Express Check-In program applies.

“If you have a park entry permit already, pre-purchased and you have a reservation in hand, there’s no need to wait in line. You can proceed to your campsite and drop off the express tear-off sheet in the stations provided get your camp site set up for the weekend,” said Wihak.

An alcohol ban will be put in place, as in past years, from today May 15th until Monday May 19th. This ban affects all campgrounds and picnic areas within provincial parks and recreation sites.

If you are planning on heading out to a park this weekend, check out for a listing of available services that is updated regularly.

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