By Tim Kalinowski
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We are all grateful for the women in our lives. We love them. We hope for their overall well-being, their good health and their great happiness. That’s why breast cancer has such an impact on all of us. To look around and see our mothers, wives, daughters or sisters, and to know that radiance in our life can be snuffed out at almost any age by this deadly disease is a frightening thought. But fortunately, thanks to Gull Lake’s annual “Run for the Hills” event to raise awareness for breast cancer, we need not feel so helpless about it. Started five years ago by a local ladies fitness group, the intent of Run for the Hills was to communicate the need for women to be pro-active about their health and raise a little money to support Breast Cancer Action Saskatchewan. Sara Kuntz, one of the founders of Run for the Hills, says while there is a component of the event which is a race, it is open to anyone who wants to come out and show their support for women’s health.

“It is a (10 K or 5K) race but there is very few people that take it competitively,” explains Kuntz. “So if you want to have a competitive race come out and race, but if you just want to come out for a good time it’s the perfect afternoon to just come out and go for a stroll.”

Before the race begins at 2 p.m. on Sunday, June 1, Run for the Hills will hold what has become their traditional rally for breast cancer which features local breast cancer survivors or their family members telling their stories.

“Within our community and within other communities there have been quite a few women we have known that have been affected by breast cancer,” says Kuntz. “So it just kind of raises awareness and shows our support for those women and their families. It’s really cool that those women are willing to share their stories and it’s such an inspirational way to kick-off the event.”

The event is also meant to be a little “girly” confesses Kuntz and she wants to encourage women, men and families coming out to get in the spirit of the day.

“Pink Please! The first year we did it and we had our pink shirts, the sea of pink was just so overwhelming. To see that we were part of that was so cool. It makes you feel good to be a part of it, and it makes you feel good to get other people out and involved in it.”

The money will be donated to Breast Cancer Action Saskatchewan and tax receipts will be issued by the organization. So far Run for the Hills has raised over $33,000 in the last five years and generally gets over 300 participants a year. Kuntz is hoping a record number of participants will sign up this year.

“We are really looking forward to the 5th year being awesome,” says Kuntz. “And we hope to see tons of people and lots of pink out there!”

Those with questions can contact Sara Kuntz at 306-671-7725 or email at

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