Health Region Holding Logo Contest

Written by Juanita Tuntland on Monday, 02 June 2014

Health Region Holding Logo Contest Health & Wellness SouthWest Saskatchewan  Saskatchewan Health Authority Saskatchewan Occupational Health & Safety Canada

The Cypress Health Region is holding a contest for the design of a safety logo.

“What we would like to use our safety logo for is a visual reminder of past, present, future all patients, residents, clients, family, visitors and staff to our region and how the Cypress Health Region’s is committed to our number one value safety,” said Jill Gates, Accreditation and Patient Safety Coordinator for the Health Region, who adds you don’t have to have a design background to submit a design.

“It is open to anyone who is willing to try,” she said. “It can be done painted, sketched, hand drawn coloured, digitally, we just ask that there are no photographs and the design of the drawing should be kept simple so that we can allow for transition to digital files and reproduction.”

Safety logos are being used all over the world to identify the need of patient involvement to safety and Gates is hoping that they have multiple designs to go through. In addition to the design Gates is asking for a short essay to be included with the design for the artist to explain what their drawing represents.

The deadline for the contest is June 30th with winners being announced at the region’s Safety Expo this September.

Details on the contest can be found at the Health Region’s website.

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