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The Unique Gem of Gull Lake

The Unique Gem of Gull Lake GULL LAKE SouthWest Saskatchewan Tourism  Saskatchewan Gull Lake Museum Gull Lake Lyceum Theatre Community


If you are travelling through southwest Saskatchewan, chances are you are going to pass through Gull Lake. If you are already passing through, they why not stop for a visit.

Gull Lake, a small, quiet community of 1,000 people, has plenty to offer the intrepid traveller.

As you turn into Gull Lake from the Trans Canada, your first stop should be the Gull Lake Museum. Complete with a plethora historical items from the area, you can easily spend a couple of hours looking through the old photo books, viewing the displays, and even visiting the original one-room school currently situated on the museum property. The museum officially opens its doors on July 1, in a special Canada Day ceremony.

Once in Gull Lake, take a trip to the Lyceum Theatre in our downtown core. The Lyceum Theatre has stood for over 100 years, apart from two fires, and today is one of the top theatres in southwest Saskatchewan. With prices that can’t be beat, and the best popcorn around, the Lyceum Theatre and its digital 3D display, is worth a visit.

While downtown, you can take part in our self-guided historic walking tour. Walk through the downtown and learn about the buildings that date back a century, including the 76 Ranch House, one of the oldest buildings in southwest Saskatchewan. Read the placards and listen to the history at each stop during your tour on your iPod, and visit some of the business owners to learn more about the unique buildings steeped in history.

After the walking tour, you may want to unwind. That is where our outdoor pool comes in. Enjoy the rays of the sun while relaxing on the water. You can follow that up with a trip to Gull Lake’s own mini-golf course, located on the east side of town.

No trip to Gull Lake is complete without heading out to see the giants of the prairie, our two wind farms. Gull Lake is home to the first wind farm in Saskatchewan, and they can easily be seen nearly anywhere from town. Take a drive to the country and see just how towering these giants are. While in the country, tour around and see the various markers for the many old one room schools that once stood in the area. The markers are a little bit of history off the beaten path.

After you have completed your tour of Gull Lake, take a drive up to Antelope Lake, which this year is celebrating its 40th anniversary on the August long weekend. Antelope Lake features a beautiful lake, of course, as well as a golf course and camping.

Speaking of golf courses, head five kilometres east of Gull Lake and take advantage of Gull Lake’s own golf course.

Gull Lake, the unique place to visit, sitting at the crossroads of the southwest Saskatchewan.

The Unique Gem of Gull Lake GULL LAKE SouthWest Saskatchewan Tourism  Saskatchewan Gull Lake Museum Gull Lake Lyceum Theatre Community

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