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Gull Lake Communities in Bloom 2014 in Full Swing

The Communities in Bloom Committee together with community volunteers is working hard to get Gull Lake ready for this year’s Communities in Bloom Competition. So far our CIB committee has organized and been working on several projects to help us with this year’s community evaluation. They are as follows:

  1. A back alley cleanup was organized to give residents a chance to clean up their alleys and yards. The back alley was well received by our residents and the project was a success.
  1. An Earthday community wide cleanup was also held and members of the community helped by cleaning up the community by picking up garbage.
  1. Flowers were planted at the north entrance, Little Green on the Prairie Park and at the Wagon by the Emergency Service Hall.
  1. The downtown xeirscape and community garden located on the corner of Main Street & Conrad Avenvue.
  1. This week volunteers cleaned up the north entry way, and new planters have been installed at the corner of 3rd street and Conrad Avenue.

Cemetery Committee Communities in Bloom Supporting Projects

Gull Lake Communities in Bloom 2014 in Full Swing GULL LAKE SouthWest Saskatchewan Town Beautification  Herritage Earth Day Communities in Bloom

The Cemetery Committee has been working hard this year with its own projects such as the Cemetery Spring Cleanup, and the new sign installed to help guide visitors to the cemetery. The Committee will also be installing a map in the new shelter, and installing markers near grave rows to make it easier for visitors to find the graves of loved ones.  The Committee also plans to install a memorial plaque in Potters Field, and place a donated bench in the new section. The projects being done by the Cemetery Committee will no doubt boost our score when the judges evaluate the cemetery.

Heritage Committee Communities in Bloom Supporting Projects

Volunteers have been busy cleaning and organizing the Shoe Shop and getting it ready for its heritage dedication ceremony planned later this summer.  Also the Tourism Committee is working on a Heritage tour of Gull Lake that should be ready this July. Heritage is a category all of its own in the CIB evaluation, and the projects being done at the Wong Building and the Heritage walking tour will no doubt improve our heritage score.  The Heritage Committee will be charged with the responsibility of overseeing the restoration of the Wong Guy Shoe Shop. The Committee is set to meet formally in early July and there is room for more members. If you would be interested in becoming a member or volunteer please give me a call (306) 672-7499.

Communities in Bloom Projects that need to be completed before Judges Arrive

Elks Hall

The CIB Committee together with community volunteers has done a great job, but there is still more work to do. The Committee will be completing work on the xeirscape garden, cleaning up the north entrance, and painting the Elks Hall.  The Committee will announce upcoming dates for projects and give everyone an opportunity to help complete this year’s projects before the CIB judges arrive in Gull Lake.

What You can do to help Gull Lake get a Great Communities in Bloom Score!!!

The Communities in Bloom Program is all about community pride and everyone can help Gull Lake shine when the judges come to town and here are some things that you can do to help:

1.         Plant some flowers in the front yard. Make your front yard a colourful                     display of many beautiful flowers. While you’re at it enter your home in                    the yard competition this year yards will be judged in four categories                        including curb, floral, and backyard. Or if you have businesses enter it in                the flower pot competition.

2.         Prune your trees, so that they look healthy and beautiful. (The town even               held a pruning demonstration last week.)

3.         Clean up any trash or garbage in, or near, your yard.

4.         Walk around town and share your ideas on how to beautify Gull Lake.

5.        Help out by joining the Odd Job Squad, painting a banner, adopting an                     area, or just helping out any way you can. Go to the Town Office to find                   ways that you can help out  with Communities in Bloom.

We can all do our part to get Gull Lake ready for the CIB judges. We can help out our neighbors, the businesses, and our town. Lend a hand whenever you can. Plant some flowers, clean up some trash, and help make our community the top town in Saskatchewan for Communities in Bloom!

Mayor Campbell



Gull Lake Communities in Bloom 2014 in Full Swing GULL LAKE SouthWest Saskatchewan Town Beautification  Herritage Earth Day Communities in Bloom

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