SaskPower Looking at New Ways to Meet Demands

Written by Steven Wilson on Friday, 20 June 2014

SaskPower Looking at New Ways to Meet Demands Innovation  Shand Power Station SaskPower Saskatchewan Energy Developement

SaskPower is looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint while meeting anticipated growth in demand for electricity.

With new federal regulations on greenhouse gases, the Crown Utility is looking at alternative sources for power generation.

“Conventional coal-fired generation, which we count on for 37% today, is no longer going to be an option for the future,” said Guy Bruce, Vice President of Resource Planning for SaskPower. “We need to think of new ways to meet our challenge. We don’t have all the answers yet, but we are considering all available options for the future.”

Some of the resources that SaskPower is looking at are clean coal, wind and geothermal power generation, with Bruce saying they have an agreement in place with Saskatchewan-based Deep Earth Energy Production Corp., who are studying the feasability of small-scale geothermal generation.

SaskPower is also on the leading edge of carbon capture technology, which is gaining international attention.

“We have a test facility at the Shand Power Station in Estevan,” Bruce added. “That’s going to give international clients an opportunity to test their technology.”

Bruce also spoke about a research project called Aqui-Store, which looks to effectively store carbon dioxide underground.

“It’s an independent research project that demonstrates how storing carbon dioxide deep, about 3.5 kilometres underground, can be a safe, workable solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions”

SaskPower is also working on carbon capture programs with Cenovus to help with enhanced oil recovery.

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