STARS Air Ambulance Receives New Helicopter from PotashCorp

Written by Dillon Reil on Thursday, 24 July 2014

STARS Air Ambulance Receives New Helicopter from PotashCorp Health & Wellness  Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society Saskatchewan Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan   STARS’ new AW139 helicopter

STARS Air Ambulance Saskatoon base has received its new AW139 helicopter, a $16 million donation from PotashCorp.

This helicopter is a first of its kind for the Saskatchewan STARS detachment, and allows expanded service area, larger medical interior and more rotor power.

The helicopter was a significant donation from PotashCorp to STARS, with three years of dedication placed into its arrival; showing the corporation’s dedication to the greater community.

The donation is the largest made in the history of STARS, when including the additional hangar PotashCorp provided, making the donation $27 million in total.

“It happened back in 2011 that they made this commitment to the program. It started taking that long for the helicopter to be built and all the rest of it. These things are pretty complicated, fascinating machines.” stated Executive Director for the Saskatchewan Foundation Rod Gantefoer.

The helicopter is capable of a cruise speed of 278 km/h which is a benefit to patients within the province.

“It’s probably shaved ten or fifteen minutes off of the time that it takes us to get there and to get back. When moments are critical in a serious accident or injury minutes are precious.” Gantefoer said.

The amount of people that can be helped by the helicopter in times of need not only increase from time but occupancy.

“With the new one we can actually provide full service to two patients, where in the BKZ we are flying we can only give service to one patient. So it really doubles our capacity.” Gantefoer added about the helicopter’s features.

The helicopter will be in the sky helping those in need of STARS help this September.

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