312,000 Jobs Unfilled Across Canada: CFIB

Written by Colin Powers on Monday, 28 July 2014

312,000 Jobs Unfilled Across Canada: CFIB Business  Saskatchewan Jobs Canadian Federation of Independent Business

A new report from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business shows that unfilled jobs in Canada remain high.

The latest “Help Wanted” report saw 312,000 full and part-time jobs were unfilled across Canada at the first quarter of the year. In Saskatchewan, the numbers were above the national average with 3.6%t of jobs are sitting vacant now in the province compared to 2.3% in the rest of the country.

“We have noted that the optimism among business owners has dropped a little bit in Saskatchewan over the past year,” said Ted Mallett, CFIB’s Chief Economist and Vice-President. “Correspondingly, we’ve noted that the vacancy rate has slipped from about 4% in 2013 down to about 2.6% in the latest reading in early 2014.”

Mallett says the smallest businesses continue to see the most vacancies at a rate of 4.0% compared to just 2.0% for large businesses across Canada, adding the economic sectors with more small businesses are seeing more unfilled jobs.

“The retail sector has large numbers of openings, the same with hospitality, to a lesser degree agriculture, and the construction sector is highly represented,” he said. “A lot of these positions tend to be seasonal and a lot of them tend to be in more remote areas where it is more difficult to attract labour when businesses need them.”

The report also indicated that even as employers increase wages to try and attract new workers, high job vacancies continue to exist, with the CFIB saying it disproves a common belief that a business simply needs to pay higher wages to attract staff.

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