Historic Trades Day At Fort Walsh

 Written by Dillon Reil on Saturday, 02 August 2014

The Fort Walsh National Historic Site is having Historic Trades Day going on this weekend.

The event allows visitors to see a day in the life of a community tradesman in the time of the fur trade.

“The historic trades day has the aspect of the daily life during the 1880 time period, with craftspeople such as blacksmiths, there’s a ferrier, a wheelwright and a leather worker; trades that would have been done on at Fort Walsh on a daily basis in the 1880 time period.” Omar Murray Special Events Co-ordinator from Fort Walsh said.

There are live demonstrations of the professions throughout the day’s activities.

“We have people, you can wander around the fort itself, and there will be at certain times, the blacksmith will be doing demonstrations, so you can go do that, and they’ll be repeated throughout the day.” Murray explained.

Amongst the many occupations being demonstrated for the visitors there is also a military demonstration.

“There’s going to be Mounties marching around skirmishing, so they’ll be marching around, they’ll be shooting their Snyder Enfield rifles, we also have three cannons that are also going to be on sight. We will be firing off those cannons as well. We also have kids games going on the site,” stated Murray.

Entry for adults is $9.30, families are $22. For more information on Historic Trades Day please contact Fort Walsh National Historic Site at 306-662-2645 or visit their webpage at http://ift.tt/1nWT4ks.

via Local News http://ift.tt/1nWT5Vo

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