The Gull Lake Campground ready for Communities in Bloom Judges

When the judges arrive on August 14th they will be evaluating the entire community and the Gull Lake Campground is ready for its evaluation. The Gull Lake Tourism Committee prides itself on having campground that has a reputation for being a great place to stay. Each year the campground provides camping for the many tourists that travel through our community.

The staff have always done a great job keeping the campground neat and tidy and this year is no exception. This year the site markers were all redone with a fresh coat of paint and planters full of flowers are in locations through the campground. The grass is well cut and the campground is looking exceptionally neat and tidy.

The Town Council is very pleased with the high standards the Tourism Committee has set for the campground.  Big thanks also goes to the staff for doing a great job keeping our campground neat and tidy for the many guests that stop to camp each year.

Mayor Campbell

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