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Written by Dillon Reil on Monday, 11 August 2014

Government Supports Online Education Education Government  Saskatchewan Government of Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Government has provided support on behalf of its schools for the Multitype Database Licensing Program.

This program helps libraries across the province pool funds to gather e-learning materials for the public with over 18,000 quality pieces of content.

“The Multitype Database Licensing Program is a unique program in Canada where libraries of all types, schools, public libraries, post-secondary libraries and special libraries come together and collectively purchase resources to be used by people throughout the province.” Brett Waytuck the Provincial Librarian of the Ministry of Education explained.

The Multitype Database Licensing Program is a library resource available across the province and is the largest online public education tool collection in the country. The information can be accessed by students and the general public anytime.

“Any students anywhere in the province have access to the same levels of materials, so even if they happen to have a really small library in their school they have access to tens of thousands resources electronically which they can access at home or at school 24/7.” stated Waytuck.

The information is accurate and up to date which is important.

“What it really does is ensure when people are using the internet to access information that they are actually getting quality information. What it really does allow is people are reading whether it’s related to health, car repair or for social studies in school that it’s accurate and current information.” Waytuck clarified.

Demands for digital resources are rising and the MDLP is the largest collaboration in Canada making Saskatchewan unique. The ministry of education has contributed to the program since the 2001-2002 fiscal year and has since increased its accessibility by forty per cent.

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