SaskTel Celebrates 25 Years of Cellular

Written by Jessica Vallee on Tuesday, 12 August 2014

SaskTel Celebrates 25 Years of Cellular Business  SaskTel Saskatchewan

SaskTel was the first provider in Saskatchewan to offer cellular service, and they are celebrating 25 years of it.

In 1989, SaskTel launched the AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone Technology) analog network, and now serves 98% of the province.

“It’s a big anniversary for us in that in a quite a short period of time cellular service has gone from being a very one off type thing that maybe one in ten people had a cell phone if that. Cell phones have literally in the last ten or fifteen years become an appendage to the body because they are so integrated into everything we do now. We pay our bill with our phone, we check the internet, we Skype someone, we check the weather, there’s just so many ways that the cell phone has in the last little while, ten or fifteen years, has really revolutionized the way people live,” said Tara Tibeau, Communications Manager for External Relations. “It’s exciting that we were able to bring that technology to the province and to be part of that massive, kind of cultural shift, paradigm shift from the phone being looked at as a voice call tool to it essentially being the core of all of our communication needs.”

Since 2008, SaskTel has spent over one billion dollars on the core Saskatchewan network.

“When we launched the service in 1989 it would have been a very small group of people involved in the initial service launch, now cell phone or mobile device network coverage is probably our largest revenue generators so that alone is an indicator of how popular it has become,” said Tibeau.

The company launched an experiential trailer which will be coming to Swift Current in early September, the trailer will also visit Saskatoon, North Battleford, Estevan, among others.

“We have a new experiential trailer that we launched that has an interactive cellular evolution demo within the trailer which is neat, so it shows about ten different models from the first phones in 1989 to the phones we are using today,” said Tibeau.

The location is still to be determined, but the trailer will be in Swift Current on September 6th from 12pm to 4pm.

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