New Job Numbers Show Little Change Locally

Written by Colin Powers on Friday, 15 August 2014

New Job Numbers Show Little Change Locally Economic Development SouthWest Saskatchewan  Unemployment Rate Statistics Canada Saskatchewan

Statistics Canada has had the humbling task of releasing a starkly-corrected July jobs report.

The correct figures are far different overall from what the agency reported last week when it said only 200 jobs were created. In these new numbers released Friday morning, 42,000 jobs were created nationwide. Stats Canada says the error resulted from a major redesign of its market-moving Labour Force Survey that occurs every 10 years, which caused them to overestimate full-time job losses.

Here in the southwest, there wasn’t much change in the local numbers between the two reports. The unemployment rate for Swift Current-Moose Jaw was at 2.4% in July compared to 2.9% in the same month last year, which was the same as reported last week, and is still the lowest regional jobless rate in Canada.

The labour force and employment numbers were slightly different, with the current labour force population is 54,600 instead of the 54,400 reported a week ago, and 53,300 people were working instead of the 53,100 in last week’s results.

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