Documentary to air Aug. 23 focuses on ecological balance of Grasslands National Park

Documentary to air Aug. 23 focuses on ecological balance of Grasslands National Park SouthWest Saskatchewan Tourism  Grassland National Park Cypress Hills & Area Attractions

291 Film Company’s latest nature documentary, Grasslands, is set to premiere on Oasis HD on Saturday, Aug. 23 at 10 p.m. ET.

Grasslands examines the unique natural habitat of the mixed-grass prairie through four seasons from the perspectives of the ranchers, conservationists, and aboriginal people who understand it best and live by preserving it. Its main focus is the reintroduced bison in Canada’s Grasslands National Park. The initial herd of 71 bison reintroduced to the park, has grown to 330 adults and 40 calves in just seven years.
The documentary was shot by Victoria-based Gemini Award-winning director/cinematographer Ian Toews in Saskatchewan’s Grasslands National Park. The film was also shot in grasslands regions within Alberta, Montana, and North Dakota. Toews filmed many rare species during production, including the unique “lek” display of the endangered sage grouse. There are less than 100 sage grouse known to exist in the wild in Canada.
Grasslands is a sister film to 291’s double Gemini nominated documentary, Saskatchewan River Delta. Grasslands explores another western Canadian landscape, focusing on the reintroduced bison and featuring other indigenous wildlife, such as the endangered burrowing owl, sage grouse, and black-tailed prairie dog. Through vivid carefully composed imagery and a score rich in natural sound, the film brings the viewers to rare and nuanced places found scattered across the North American Great Plains.
Most of the shooting for Grasslands was filmed on 291 Film Company’s Arri Alexa, the state-of-the-art 4k camera, which has become the standard for Hollywood features. The Alexa was used to shoot the past three Academy Award winners in cinematography (Hugo, Life of Pi, and Gravity).
This is the final documentary produced in Saskatchewan by 291 Film Company under the now defunct Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit system. In 2012, the Saskatchewan provincial government cancelled the program, causing producers and crews to move to other provinces. 291 has settled in beautiful Victoria, B.C.
Grasslands was created, directed, and shot by Toews and produced by Toews, Regina’s Jason Britski, and Victoria’s Mark Bradley.
“Having spent about three-quarters of my life is Saskatchewan, I thought I knew the prairie, knew its wild places … In making this film I learned to appreciate this land on a much deeper level than I thought possible. I hope that some of that change that the prairie has stirred in me, comes across in the film and resonates with our audience,” says Ian Toews, Producer/Director/Cinematographer.
Grasslands was produced with the participation of Rogers Broadcasting Limited, Oasis HD, the Canada Media Fund, SaskFilm, Rogers Documentary Fund, Saskatchewan Film Employment Tax Credit, and the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit.
In addition to the Oasis HD premiere on Aug. 23, Grasslands will air on City television later in 2014.

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