First Saskatchewan Change Day Wishes To Help Improve Healthcare

Written by Dillon Reil on Friday, 22 August 2014

First Saskatchewan Change Day Wishes To Help Improve Healthcare Health & Wellness  Saskatchewan

The first Saskatchewan Change Day is on the way this fall and hopes that residents of the province make their pledge improve healthcare.

The day takes place November 6th and is based off a successful program in the UK.

“This is the first time we’ve ever done this in Saskatchewan and we are modeling this opportunity from our colleagues in England. So our colleagues in England launched a change day campaign a year ago and now it’s going global. But we are the first province in the country to do it; here in Saskatchewan,” said Bonnie Brossart CEO of the Health Quality Council.

Currently there are over 300 pledges made out of the goal for 1,000.

“They garnered over 160,000 pledges across their health system and among the people in England. Which was quite a feat, and we said, ‘You know if we could generate that kind of energy in Saskatchewan across the province about what each of us individually can do to make healthcare better for the people of this province: Then why wouldn’t we do it?’,” said Brossart.

The campaign wishes for people whether a doctor, patient or visitor to help make a difference in the healthcare system, whether it is in a location big or small.

“Every healthcare facility program throughout the province, it’s not restricted to hospitals, it’s not restricted to long term care homes. It’s wherever healthcare is being delivered throughout the province,” Brossart said.

In order to make a pledge or to find out more about Saskatchewan Change Day visit their website at

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