Chinook Continues on with Math Momentum

Written by Shanna Empey on Tuesday, 02 September 2014

Chinook Continues on with Math Momentum Education SouthWest Saskatchewan  Chinook School Division

With the start of the school year kicking off this week, the Chinook School Division says they are continuing on with their momentum.

The results from the Board of Education are in, and students are experiencing growth and success with the help of the Balanced Literacy and Math Momentum initiatives of Chinook.

“The Math Momentum results have shown another increase of 11%, so over the 3 years that we’ve been working on this initiative, we now have 29% more students at or above the grade level in their math,” said Liam Choo Foo, Director of Education for the School Division. “In terms of the balanced literacy, we’ve seen another 2% growth for our students.”

Choo Foo adds that the literacy intervention program used for  those who have not reached grade level has had a huge success rate.

“What’s particularly pleasing to see is that those students that have not been able to get to grade level have been enrolled in an intervention that we call Leveled Literacy Intervention, and there were 120 kids who enrolled in that program, 94% of those students are now reading at or above grade level,” he added.

Choo Foo adds the School Division will be focusing on three areas this year, finishing the final year of the Math Momentum initiative, working towards the maintenance of the Balanced Literacy program, and starting a new process to better support schools with specialists.

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