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Town Council Explores Options for Garbage Pickup and Recycling

In August 2015 the town’s current agreement with Waste Management will expire for garbage pickup. Council will also be looking at expanding recycling opportunities to go beyond the current cardboard/paper recycling currently offered.

Both garbage pickup and recycling opportunities have different options that council can explore. For instance, garbage collection can be done either in the alley or on the street/ curbside.  The expansion of recycling opportunities can be done by expanding the current Recycle Centre or having residential pickup in the alley or the street/curbside.

Over the next few months Council will be looking for the most cost effective and efficient way of delivering these services to our residents. Part of that process  will be to provide information to our residents and look for feedback.  We will start with this informal information seeking poll below for Gull Lake Residents:

Town Council Explores Options for Garbage Pickup and Recycling Government GULL LAKE  Town Council Recycling Garbage Pickup

5 Replies to “Town Council Explores Options for Garbage Pickup and Recycling”

  1. caldeobald

    I know that others have had issues with Waste Management garbage pickup, but in the interests of balance, I would just like to say that we have never had an issue. Perhaps that can be attributed to the fact that we are often their first pickup of the day, so it would be rather hard to miss us.

    While I have no particular objection to curbside pickup for either garbage or recycling, I would see it as adding expense that might be unnecessary. I’m assuming, for example, that curbside garbage pickup would necessitate the town purchasing consistent containers for automated pickup. Perhaps I’m wrong there.

    I curbside recycling pickup translated into more folks buying into recycling, then I would be for it, but personally, I’m more than willing to take my recycling to a depot/centre. That would still be one step forward from having to haul glass/cans/plastic to Swift Current.

    Anyway, thanks to Town Council for considering expanding options and possibly improving service.

  2. Boyd Mitchell

    Being a tax paying member of the community, I know that residents are currently paying $12 per household for back alley pickup.

    As your local waste disposal service, I can tell you that curbside tote waste disposal service should not cost us anymore than we are currently paying now. Possibly less.

    I’m interested in seeing what the poll results will be. And thank you to the council for arranging this poll and allowing everyone in our community to participate in this discussion.

    Boyd Mitchell

    • Brenda Faulkner

      I think the curb side pickup would be great for most of the streets but for Rutland Proton and Conrad it would be kind of hard with all the traffic especially Rutland ave

  3. Boyd Mitchell

    To be clear- The type of service that is chosen will effect the price. In my opinion there could be some cheaper options as well as some more expensive ones.

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