Support the Gull Lake Skating Rink Revitalization Project by Voting in the Aviva Community Fund

This year’s Aviva Community Fund project is the Rink Revitalization at Gull Lake Skating Rink!

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Once your profile is complete, you may vote once per day. Gull Lake Skating Rink must be in the top 15 in order to move on to round 2, so start spreading the word now!

Overview of the Project

As is the case in any small town in Saskatchewan, the skating rink in Gull Lake is the place to be during the winter. Gull Lake LOVES hockey.  So much so, in fact, that we are actually on rink number 3, all of which have been brought to life by volunteers spending countless hours searching for, organizing and labouring to make each rink perfect for the community to use.

Our current rink recently turned 30, and, as with any facility, there are inevitable and rising costs associated with maintaining this integral part of our community.  Numerous components have required extensive (and expensive!) repairs in the last few years, with more on the radar. In honour of this milestone anniversary, and to inject a dose of much-needed love into the rink, the volunteers on the Gull Lake Rink Board launched the Rink Revitalization Project in April 2014.

The first item on the Rink Revitalization agenda was the replacement of the boards on the ice surface. The boards are nearly completed, as is the depletion of our bank account. With other facets of the Revitalization Project including installing energy-efficient lighting throughout the facility, a kitchen renovation, an overhaul of the washrooms in the rink lobby and improvements to the dressing rooms, the Rink Board is planning a fundraising event for the end of the season in order to proceed with the Revitalization Project. While it’s impossible to put a price on the memories created at the rink, a price can be put on these renovations—$500 000!

Gull Lake Skating Rink has been a source of pride for our community over the last thirty years, providing a facility for all generations to utilise for sport, recreation and active living. Events hosted over the years include rodeos, baseball tournaments, community socials and celebrations, school productions and talent shows, trade fairs, concerts, Run for the Hills run/ walk for Breast Cancer, and, perhaps above all else, HOCKEY. Gull Lake is home to nine minor hockey teams, three senior rec teams, and one senior competitive team. Not bad for a town of less than 1000, eh?

Our rink is invaluable to Gull Lake and the surrounding communities, and we are so excited to give back to it what it has given to us. Our determined community will raise the funds needed for our Revitalization Project, but the Aviva Community Fund would allow us to see our plans through on a much shorter timeline. Support of Gull Lake Skating Rink would provide a lasting legacy of the Aviva Community Fund in the community, while educating patrons of Aviva’s commitment to sports, recreation and active living.




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